An environment of continuous learning is essential for any organisation that aims to thrive in a VUCA world. Creating and sustaining a coaching culture is the most practical and effective strategic reopens to this challenge. In this intensive learning event, Prof David Clutterbuck will explore the latest, research-based understanding of how to plan and implement a coaching culture strategy.

Who is the workshop for?

You will benefit from the workshop, if you are:

  • An HR professional tasked with spreading coaching and mentoring and achieving greater value for money from them
  • A change manager
  • A coach or consultant working with organizations to help them embed coaching into “the way we do things” 

You will learn:

  • The key elements of a coaching and mentoring strategy
  • How to evaluate the quality of external coach provision, when 70% of executive coaches are “not fir for purpose”
  • How to build and support an internal accredited coach resource
  • How to sustain the momentum of coaching 
  • New applications of coaching and mentoring (for example, in reinforcing ethical behaviour)
  • How to integrate individual and team coaching
  • How to measure the quality of line manager coaching
  • How to develop a coaching culture at the team level
  • How to gain and keep the commitment of top management sponsors

Prof David Clutterbuck is one of the early pioneers of developmental coaching and mentoring and co-founder of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council. Author of more than 65 books, including the first evidence based titles on coaching culture and team coaching, he is visiting professor in the coaching and mentoring faculties of both Sheffield Hallam and Oxford Brookes Universities. He leads a global network of specialist mentoring and coaching consultants, Coaching and Mentoring International.

He was voted Coaching at Work’s first Mentor of the Year and is among HR Magazine’s top 15 HR most influential. He has worked with thousands of organisations around the world in developing effective, sustainable  coaching and mentoring programmes.

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1036 дней назад
28 марта 10:00 — 29 марта 2020 18:00

Событие пройдет онлайн


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